Unsecured Loans

Are you able to meet your requirements because your paycheck doesn't allow you to pay for anything other than your essentials?

Everyone is not blessed with a property under their own names like Tenants, students or non-homeowners. These categories are facing problems to take loans and fulfill their requirements and also not in a position to secure a loan for the lender. All this hurdle can be solved through UNSECURED LOANS.

Unsecured loans can be used for variety of purposes like

  • - clearing medical bills
  • - Educational Fees
  • - Vehicle finance
  • - enjoying holiday trip

Advantages of unsecured loans

  • - Collateral free risk - here the tenant do have to hunt for guaranteer for security to sanction loan for them. Also, there will be no risk for borrowers in taking unsecured loans.
  • - The lender doesn't take much time in approving unsecured loans. cause they don't want to waste their time on the valuation of collaterals.
  • - Unsecured loans are always useful for tenant and non-homeowner for meeting their daily living expenses. Minimum amount lender provides up to Rs. 3 lacs as an unsecured loan, which is enough for the tenant. But the borrowings usually depend on the annual income of the applicant. Those who have high income and has good credit history are eligible to obtain high unsecured loans.


- Interest rat es are higher - cause the lenders will adjust the risk involved in this.

There is a lot of scope for lower interest rates on unsecured loans in the market. You need to compare different lenders and choose the best who provide fewer interest rates, as this is the cut-throat loan market, each lender will come up with their interest rate so you can take better advantage here.

Repayment duration of such unsecured loans is also kept shorter, for as to avoid the risk involved. Here, the tenant has the advantage to pay small loan within few years and lower their burden.

Unsecured loans can help you pay off your bad credits. Lenders are more interested in knowing your present income than your previous bad credits. The lender provides loans to bad credit applicant by seeing their annual income, employment and bank statement of 3 to 6 months.

The best source of unsecured loans to look through the internet. All lender has displayed about their services on unsecured loans showing terms and conditions on their website. Going through online will help you to process your unsecured loan faster and deduction in the processing fees.

Unsecured loans really help in solving your financial matters smoothly if and only you pay them back on time, which also helps in your credit score which will lead to increase in availing higher unsecured loans.